Doug Ford, P.E. - Principal, Senior Engineer

Doug Ford, P.E. - Principal, Senior Engineer


B.S. Civil Engineering, Memphis State University

Additional Coursework in Civil Engineering and Business Administration, University of Arkansas


P.E. Arkansas

P.E. Mississippi

P.E. Oklahoma

P.E. Tennessee


More than 30 years of environmental experience

  • Offers diversified experience in all environmental issues including landfill design, civil and environmental engineering, site assessments and characterizations, hazardous waste management, remediation design, wetland delineation, property condition assessments, process safety management, SWPPP and SPCC plans, UST and AST compliance, and soil and groundwater remediation
  • Associated with the BFI Model Fill landfill since 2000 and prepared landfill design, liner system design, cap closure design, and landfill permitting. Also, prepared surge pond dredging and landfill design for Entergy coal yard projects and leachate treatment for Waste Management, Inc.
  • Prepares Spill Prevention Control Plans (SPCC) and Stormwater Pollution Plans for numerous industries in Ark and other states
  • Prepares NPDES, air permits, water, wastewater, landfill, and hazardous waste permits
  • Prepares designs and specifications for soil and groundwater remediation systems and environmental drilling and sampling
  • Project Manager for the design of dozens of fresh water reservoirs in Arkansas for the natural gas drilling industry
  • Prepared a stormwater drainage study for Little Rock National Airport to determine various water sheds in the area to use as part of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the entire airport
  • Prepared a hydrological and hydraulic analysis for stormwater flowing through ponds at a solid waste management facility
  • Provided wastewater consulting services for commercial facilities
  • Prepared wastewater treatment design, pond design, lagoon improvements and stormwater calculations for numerous facilities throughout Arkansas
  • Prepared site layout, grading, drainage and utilities for the Maverick Transportation corporate office in North Little Rock, the Ft. Smith Terminal and Warehouse, and the Illinois Terminal
  • Prepared site layout, grading, drainage and utilities for Arkansas Reclamation Company in Beebe, Arkansas
  • Prepared site layout, grading, drainage and utilities for the Southwestern Energy Judsonia facility and Jared Wood facility